Frequently Asked Questions

"Just make a start. Music will stretch your abilities in ways that you can't imagine, but every now and then something works, you hear that harmony and it makes your soul happy. The best time to start anything, is now."
Tony J., 52, Data Scientist

Am I too old/tone-deaf/ADHD/uncoordinated to start learning piano?

Absolutely not. In fact, I have a passion for challenging people's negative beliefs about themselves!  

Do I need a piano?

Yes, you will need to have regular access to a piano (digital or acoustic). If you’re looking for an instrument, check out my Piano Buying Guide.

Do you offer a free trial?

I offer a 20 minute consultation in person or over Zoom. Book a call.

What will I learn?

Tell me what your heart desires and I will come up with a plan. Here are some things my students are doing: scales and chords, repertoire, improvisation, exams, compositions, playing by ear, music theory, jazz harmony

How does payment work?

You will be sent an invoice once your first lesson/consultation is scheduled and confirmed. Payment is via bank transfer or cash in hand.

What if I can’t make it to a scheduled lesson?

Please give 24 hours notice if you cannot make your lesson. Terms and conditions will be sent to you with your invoice.

Do you offer online lessons?

Yes! I use Zoom for online lessons and will send you step-by-step directions for how to set things up.