Bespoke 1:1 Piano Programs

These bespoke 1:1 Piano Programs are immersive learning experiences delivered in my home studio in Fremantle. They will engage your whole self: your mind, body and soul. Whichever program you choose will be tailored towards your individual experience and interests. They are designed to be taken as many times as you like; you are sure to discover something new each time.

New Year Promotion: Special discount for all enrolments before 31 January 2023. 

Now taking enrolments for February 2023!

First Steps

  • Six one-hour sessions 
  • For total beginners
  • Learn your ABCs and Do Re Mis
  • Develop hand coordination
  • Receive a free copy of my "Beginners Guide to Piano" e-book
  • Learn two pieces by rote
  • No condescending kids' music, guaranteed
  • No sheet-music reading required
  • $720 inc. GST

"Tiffany has met and exceeded my expectations. I honestly expected to be taught basic form and technique and then follow method books. Tiffany carefully crafted learning material to suit not only my skill level, but also my individual goals and interests."

Jason N., 25

Ambient Flow

  • Six one-hour sessions 
  • For all levels
  • Explore process-based improvisation
  • Learn to play in ambient, minimal and impressionistic styles
  • Tap into your somatic and musical intuition
  • For all levels
  • Create an album of musical sketches
  • Really learn how to use the sustain pedal (masterfully)
  • $720 inc. GST

'Playing piano has allowed me to introduce more 'flow' and mindfulness into my life. You are very encouraging and I love how you weave the theory into my lesson based on what piece I'm learning."

Merelle F., 50, Creative Business Owner

Deep Dive

  • Eight one-hour sessions
  • Piano lessons augmented with Gestalt Therapy
  • Unlock your potential as a musician by working through psychological barriers
  • Learn how to turn your ideas and emotions into musical expression
  • Receive a free copy of my "Piano Journal Prompts" e-book
  • Some prior musical experience required
  • Develop skills of awareness and meaning-making
  • $1170 inc. GST

"I've learned to approach music-making with a calm, open-minded spirit that is not judgemental of ones' self but which embraces the opportunity to grow and discover what you didn't even know you didn't know."

Lyndon B., Musician / Arts Worker / Library Officer

Return to the Keys

  • Four one-hour sessions
  • For those who have previous piano experience
  • Kickstart your motivation to practise 
  • Reignite your passion for playing 
  • Whip your technique into shape (or fix bad habits)
  • Refresh your scales and arpeggios
  • Choose your own repertoire! 
  • $450 inc. GST