"I value your individualised approach, the variety of teaching and learning methods you use, the fact that you welcome and expose your students to different styles of music."

Sandra G., 47, editor. 

Piano Lessons

Whether you want to get super serious, or just keep it casual – I support you! 💯

You just need to decide on:

  1. Lesson frequency: weekly or fornightly
  2. Lesson length: 45 minutes or 60 minutes
  3. Lesson delivery: in person (Fremantle) or online (Zoom)

You will be invoiced at the start of each month.

Prices are determined by a sliding scale. For current prices and T&Cs, please get in touch.


"You couldn't find a more patient, sensitive and knowledgable teacher."

Amanda H., 65, EFL teacher/trainer. 

Creative Consultation

Need help with your musical project? I can help you with all aspects of composition and arrangement, including:

  • Writing chord progressions, chord voicings, vocal harmonies
  • Structuring your song or composition so that is has direction, shape and form
  • Instrumentation and orchestration
  • Vocal arrangements and covers
  • Melodic writing
  • Musical notation, lead sheets and song charts

"I liked your approach. Our introductory session showed me that you cared about what I wanted to achieve and you were willing to tailor tuition to my goals."

Tony J., 52, data scientist.


Do you have an important performance coming up? Or do you want to give your performance skills a boost? Whether you’re a soloist, in a band, or leading an ensemble, I can help you to look, sound and feel more confident in any performance situation.

My holistic coaching method will address all aspects of performance preparation: rehearsal structure, musicianship, inter-ensemble dynamics, self evaluation, pre- and post-performance rituals and intrapersonal psychological processes.