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🎹 For all ages, abilities and learning styles.

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🌿 Progress over perfection 

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Four Pillars of Inner Voice Piano

Experiential Learning
Creative Adjustment
Skill Building

A new approach

Forget the 'drill and kill' method of traditional piano lessons.

Music is a process. Music is an experience.

And that's the heart of my teaching philosophy. I don't just teach the piano, I teach the student  – you

Imagine expressing yourself at the piano without any shame, fear, or judgment

Does that sound good to you?




Lyndon B.
These lessons feel like a space to explore music, be curious and ask questions - but also to hone technique and build solid foundations with clear guidance from a genuine professional.
- Musician / Arts Worker / Library Officer
Laura S.
Tiffany is fantastic at incorporating all aspects of piano playing (technique, expression, theory, etc) and at helping people find their own way of playing rather than just sticking to a strict guideline.
17 - Hospitality
Merelle F.
You are very encouraging and I love how you weave the theory into my lesson based on what piece I'm learning. Playing piano has allowed me to introduce more 'flow' and mindfulness into my life.
50 - Creative business owner
Jason N.
Tiffany has the knowledge and right attitude to help you reach goals, to grow as an all-round musician and explore what aspects of learning piano/music specifically interest you.
25 -
Tony J.
You are deeply knowledgable, empathetic, endlessly patient and a skilled teacher. Our introductory session showed me that you cared about what I wanted to achieve and you were willing to tailor tuition to my goals.
52 - Data Scientist
Sandra G.
I value your individualized approach, the variety of teaching and learning methods you use, the fact that you welcome and expose your students to different styles of music. I learned a lot in the past couple of years.
47 - Editor
Amanda H.
Tiffany has taught me so many things. I'm very proud to have been able to make my own arrangements of great jazz pieces under Tiffany's direction. You couldn't find a more patient, sensitive and knowledgable teacher.
65 - Teacher